I am incredibly proud of myself!

Many years ago, I dropped out of school. University that is. This past summer, it hit me that I still have over 30 years left until retirement. That’s a very long time to be sitting at a desk, doing a job I dislike, that I never really wanted in the first place.

With one week until the start of the new school year, I decided to quickly re-enroll myself in university. Because I waited until the last minute, the course selection was very slim. All I was able to take this term was a science course, which is part of my graduation requirement, and I lucked out as I was able to do it from home on my own time.

On Monday I wrote my mid-term exam for the class, and was certain I failed. I felt like I needed another week of studying and that I was having trouble retaining a lot of the information, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got my grade this morning: 80%.

This term is mostly astronomy related, and I didn’t think I would find it as interesting as I did. I’d like to take more astronomy related classes next year, but we’ll have to see how my schedule looks. I’ve developed an interest in our solar system, and have become obsessed with astro-photography tutorials, so I may turn astronomy into a hobby if I don’t do anything with it career wise.

I feel like I lucked out in the sense that I was only able to take one course this term, as it gave me more time to focus on this one course. Next term I have to take the 2nd half of the course, which is more focused on biology, as well as courses in screenwriting, rhetoric, drafting and English. January – April are going to be incredibly busy for me, but if the courses work out the way I’m hoping they will, I believe it will also be incredibly fun.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll have a degree with a major in filmmaking and a minor in English, in 14 months or less…assuming I can keep those grades up.