August 29, 2019: 8827 Steps

August 29, 2019 Total steps: 8827 Floors climbed: 21 Calories burned: 2983 Elevation gained: 64.01 meters Traveled: 6.51 kilometers Sedentary minutes: 903 Lightly active minutes: 214 Fairly active minutes: 7 Very active minutes: 23via Fitbit

The Polka Dot Plant 🌱

A couple months ago this plant was dead and only had one leaf left. Somehow I brought it back to life. It's amazing what a little water and less sunlight can do. I'm not a gardener and have no clue what I'm doing. I wonder how long I can keep this thing alive?

Summer is here.

I woke up this morning/afternoon to daisies all over my yard. I wonder what else will grow if I put off mowing my lawn a few more weeks? Honestly, this post probably could have been a tweet, but I'm feeling antisocial and Facebook disabled my account for using a fake name or something. We'll just …